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Our Restaurant
Foro Appio Mansio Hotel

Cucinarium Restaurant

"In Terracina, formerly Anxur, even today if you have a chance to talk with the old people of the place and talk about typical foods of the territory, the flavors and pleasures of the table, you immediately think FORO APPIO as hundreds of years ago".

The culinary memories have come down to us in all their simplicity, the traditions of these ancient places, the seasons and the ancient traditions of bread making, dairy art and meat preservation are the basis of our menu. It is our desire that this place remain faithful to the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have distinguished it for centuries.

The hotel also organizes:

1. “Tea party”, afternoon snack , fresh , dry and fast.
2. “Cocktail”, afternoon food service buffet.
3. “Buffet” , Complete , reinforced with first courses and desserts.

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